Register and create your slackline profile


1) register on (with quick social authentication method or fill the form username, passoword, email).
2) see our email with guidelines and a link to create your slackline profile (or log in and go to your account)
3) set your basecamp (you daily slackline location) to be visible on the map. 
4) check the box "be visible on the map".

Only your username and email are required to register. We don't request other personal data and we will never share them.  The social authentication is quite fast and keyboardless!  

Once your acount opened you can be credited for your lines (open or cross as first)  If you create your Slackline public profile you will have a better view on your contributions and you will give a better visibiliy of your activity to the community.  We hope you will join us on the members map. The accurency of your position and of your Slackline profile is up to you. 

The registration is free and come without any engagments. Give it a try you may be well suprised ! :)

You can remove you profile or delete your account at any time.  

The User Privacy page explains which data are collected and what we do with them.

82 spots.
210 slackliners
(137 on map)