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Circle of Trees, Platt Fields Park
M14 6LA
allows for a great variation of lines (rodeo, trick & longlines)
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The Circle of Trees is just that, a circle of trees located within Platt Fields Park, Fallowfield, Manchester. Fallowfield is traditionally a student area - the University of Manchester and MMU Slacklining societies meet here often. However, the community is not entirely composed of students, and there are many active local groups such as MANCHESTER SLACKERS, that also arrange to meet here.

The slackers at the Circle of Trees are proud of themselves for creating a very inclusive space, that welcomes all abilities, ages, races, genders, etc. The shape in which the trees are planted allows for a great variation of lines, and also, quite fantastically, allows for them to be rigged at the same time within very close proximity to one another. I have been present at the Circle of Trees whilst rodeos, tricklines, and longlines ranging from 15 - 100m have all been rigged comfortably at the same time.

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Officials of Platt Fields Park advised in 2018 that whilst they do not have the authority to enforce derigging, they kindly request tree protection is used.
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