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You are at the project origin :). Here is a list of reccurrent questions on the online Slackline community. All have the same topic : "Who is slacklining in my area? What are the usual (or great) spots around me?". We have stopped counting at 77 but there are hundreds of similar requests. Read the project objectives.

Do you know if there are slackers near Campina Grande in Brasil ? (Or at least near Paraíba region ? ) I'm there for 2 months and I'd love to meet some Brasilians Slackers :) Thanks !

Loïc KR -14 June 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

I'm going to Bolivia and Peru for some months, any slackers over there ? :)

YAnn O - 14 June 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Any slackliners in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Martin H - 12 June 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Any slackline community on Jamaica?

Marcin CK - 1 June 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Looking to meet some slackers in the New York area! I’ll we working upstate for the summer and would love to meet some locals and slack. Thanks!

Chandler P - 1 June 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Iemand slacklinen in Antwerpen deze week??

Saar P - 17 April 2018 - Facebook Slackline Belgium (nl)

Bonjour à tous! Il y a des slackeurs à Mons?

Μπέττυ Μ - 12 April 2018 - Facebook Slackline Belgium

Any slackliners in East Africa?? Travelling through Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, would be cool to do some slacklining!

Peter S - 2 April 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Any San Francisco slackers out there? Meet up possibly?

Christopher M - 2 April 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Ok slackers, I've just landed in Lille, who's slacking, where and when? I'd love to join you.

Rick O - 1 April 2018 - Facebook SlackLille

Hello everyone ! I will be travelling in China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand for 3 months from March to June and i was wondering if there is slackliners in the area which are willing to share good vibes and show me their home spot. I don't have a fix travel route yet and am looking for tips of places to go ! Thank you so much in advance for your help and see you soon !

Benoit B - 6 Feb 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Hello People! I´m looking for slaklainres in Bali or Malaysia. Thanks!

Yonatan H. - 2 Feb 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Hello People! I´m looking for Highliners in Greece!?

Frank H. - 2 Feb 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Any slackliners in the Caribbeans?? More precisely in St Barthelemy? I'll be there on Febuary!

Capitaine C. - 29 Jan 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Does anyone know any slackliners in Eastern Asia? I.E., Japan, S. Korea, or China?

Anthony C. - 25 Jan 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Hi! Are there any slackliners in Linz, Austria? I'll be there from February till the end of the summer semester and would love to meet fellow slackliners :)

Edit K. - 21 Jan 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Hello les slackeurs, j'arrive sur Amiens début Mars. Je viendrai surement vous retrouver les weekends, mais pour la semaine est-ce qu'il y aurait un groupe de slackeur sur Amiens ?

Martin F. - 19 Jan 2018 - Facebook SlackLille

Are there any highliners in siruana spain? I want to go there end of feb until march for climbing
Please contact me

Marija S - 14 January 2018 - Facebook Slackchat

Any slackers hiding out in or around the black hills of South Dakota? Someone please surprise me

Hawky C - Facebook Slackchat

Je déménage à Wavre pour un stage, est-ce qu'il y a un groupe de slack ? Merci d'avance pour vos réponses !

Femto N - 7 Jan 2018 - Facebook Slackline Belgium

are there any slackers or fun spots in Madagascar? Near from Antananarivo or next to Diego-Suarez?

Justin D. - 30 December 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hello, guys! May be any people know slackliners from Skovde (Sweden)?...

Konstantin P - 26 November 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Anyone at Santa Monica?

Milad R - 25 November 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hello everyone! Any slackliners in Manila/Marikina? I'll be there 25/26 of November

Stefan B - 22 November 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

So I’m visiting my family in Cheshire Connecticut for thanksgiving for the week, and of course being the slack addict I am I brought my rig with me. Any good trickline spots or community out here ?

Jayden S - 21 November 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Ola, je suis en vacances pour trois semaines près de anderlecht, y-a-t-il des slackeur motivé proche de Bruxelles ??

Tom L. - 6 November 2017 - Facebook Slackline Belgium

Any slackers based in Hawaii? I'll be on Kauai at the end of January and may be island hopping from there.

Brooke K - 27 October 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

I’m in Krabi Thailand right now. Anyone know of any high lines here?

Max M - 26 October 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Anyone slacklining in goa?

Tracy K. - 24 Oct 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

ny slackliner in north goa arambol???

Abhi G - 23 October 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

does anyone know of any nice waterline spots in aruba?

Alex J - 23 October 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Any slackers in north wales ?

Joby I. - 22 Oct 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hey guys ill be making a little road trip from Sandusky Ohio to Vegas starting Oct 31. If there is anyone along the way that wants meet up set up some lines and maybe lend a couch hit me up.

Luke D. - 20 October 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Any highliners in Osaka or Kyoto? I'm around until October 21, looking to meet up or get out :)

Caroline D. - 12 October 2017

Any slackliners in Gent?

Tijmen V. - 10 October 2017 - Facebook Slackline Belgium

Any slackers in the Oakland area wanna rig some stuff this week?

Anthony K - 27 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

I'm currently travelling in Nepal, and I was wondering if there is any slackers around Pokhara and Kathmandu. I'm going to trek for few days and then I'd like to enjoy the Slacklife during my free time.

Gauthier T. - 27 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hey guys, any highline action going on from 3 to 9 of october around Berlin?

Vangelis K. - 25 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Are there any slackliners in Ethiopia?

Jep M. - 25 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Any slackers in kalymnos at the moment? I've got a highline up on that I'll be taking down tomorrow around midday, tomorrow morning is your chance for a session!!

Gino L. - 25 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Any body in Costa Rica or Central America that would be down to rig a highline or know of cool waterline spots. Need a amigo to slack with. I am backpacking and have no gear.

Keaton M. - 25 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

I will arrive in Colombia (Cartagena) the 17. October and plan to stay a few weeks! Is someone there to rig some lines? :D
Voy a estar en Colombia a finales de Octubre para algunas semanas! Alguien que va montar algunas lineas en esta fecha?

Aron B. - 19 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

In Prague.. people slack out here right?

Michael H. - 18 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hello fellow slackers. I'm over in Benidorm 6th Nov and wondering if there are any good places to set up a line and anyone who wants to meet up?

Rebecca G. - 13 September 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hola amigos! I'm coming back to Mexico in a few weeks and I will stay near Cancun in Riviera Maya for 10 days so I was wondering if there was any slackline group there ?

Diego S. - 13 July 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Anyone in or know if any highlines or waterline spots in Tulum, Mexico or fairly close by? Will be the next week

Rob N - 12 July 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Any Salerno Slackliners out there? Will be here for the next two days!

Mike S. - 20 June 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Flying out to Oahu today! Looking to meet up with some slackers!!!

Eric H. - June 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hi guys, I'm travelling in my van between venice and croatia via the coast over the next month or so with my partner, and am looking for advice on waterline and highline spots. So if you know of any spots, groups, pages or just want to meet up for a slack, please just hit me up.

Lewis B-S - 26 May 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Salut il y a des slackeur sur Louvain-la-neuve ?

inconnu - 9 juin 2017 - Facebook Slackline Belgium

Bonjour, y a t'il des gens qui slackent à Gembloux?

Justin D.- 6 juin - Facebook Slackline Belgium

Anyone from Iceland? I will be available from July 10 to July 21 to highline.

Luca L. - 11 June 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Hey !!! Any Costa Rican slackliners ???

Lyell G - 16 December 2017 - Facebook Slackchat

Des personnes qui font de la slackline et qui habite à Genval ?

Bastien W. - 8 april 2016 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Hey slackers!
I'm currently in Cusco, Peru for a few weeks and looking for somewhere that i can get some webbing. Any help would be great.
Thanks guys!

Isaac S - 8 april - Slackchat (Facebook group)

Toujours personne qui kot ou étudie à Mons pour s'arranger des sessions ?

Bruno P. - 12 novembre 2014 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Bonjour les slackeurs, y a-t-il des slackeurs dans la région de Dinant-Ciney-Houyet ? A vous lire j'ai l'impression d'être décentrée

Ann-Laure L.- 18 novembre 2014 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Des slackers du côté de Mons ?

Jean-baptiste R.- 23 mars 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

je viens d'arriver en Belgique, où peut-on faire du slackline à herve, ou à liége etc? merci d'avance.

Jane S.- 25 mars 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Salut, on est une petite bande de lillois et on débarque samedi a Bruxelles pour aller a un concert . Du coup on va en profiter pour slacker dimanche sur Bruxelles. Quelqu'un aurait un coin de canap ou de sol a nous préter ou une auberge pas trop cher a nous conseiller? (On sera 3 ou 4 ) Et c'est ou le spot de prédilection pour metre un peu plus de 100m et vous rencontrer?

Jocelin L. - 27 mai 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Bouh ! Il y a des slackeurs dans les Flandres, du côté de Poperingue/Ypres ?

Guillaume T.- 14 juin 2015 · Épinal, France - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Hello, J'ai découvert durant ces vacances la slack
j'en fait au parc de woluwé, des habitués ?

Pierre G. - 6 septembre · bxl - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

quelqu'un slack du coté de Mouscron ? Tournai ?

Lisa C. - 12 septembre 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Si seulement je connaissais des jeunes belges higlineurs...

Elmer T. - 24 avril 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Je souhaitais savoir quelles longueurs il était possible de tendre au bois de la cambre ?
Je sais qu'il est possible de tendre 150 mètres mais peut-on tendre les longueurs intermédiaires ? Si oui lesquelles?

Elmer T. - 28 avril 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

y a-t-il des gens qui marche et font des cabrioles sur une sangle à Namur ?

Vincent G. - 10 mai 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Ya personne qui slack dans la province du luxembourg?..

Jon M. - 12 mai 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Salut ! est-ce qu'ils y en a parmi vous qui habitent à Wavre?

Jens Von S. - 7 août 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Aujourd'hui je suis en Bruxelles pour ville sans voiture. Il y a quelq'un quipractise du slack? Probablement je suis en Parc de Forest!

Jonas K. - 20 septembre 2015 - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Je suis française et étudiante en Belgique à Tournai, il y a du monde qui slack ?

Anicée M - 20 septembre · Tournai - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

Y en a qui slack du côté de Charleroi ajd?

Jade H. - 4 octobre - Slackline Belgium (Facebook group)

As I keep slacking regularly, the vision of a high line keeps coming closer to mind. I was just wondering what other people's first high line experiences were like, anyone care to share?

Iñaki G. - 17 novembre, 21:14 - Slackchat

Anyone here who has dedicated some time to learning how to walk with someone standing on your shoulders by any chance? I'm wondering whoof both people would be doing the actual slacklining.

Didi B. -24 octobre - Slackchat

i am travelling at january to there or here somebody who know about some people where we can sleep and do our favorite sport which is walking at nice places? thanks for response


Who is slacklining near ...?,
Where are the best slackline locations a proximity?
I'm travelling next month. is there any good scenes around my destination? Who I'll met there?


Coming down the west coast from vancouver before heading to the GGBY. Where should I go meet all of you members of the slacklife/Highlife familia?!

Joseph H. - 25 octobre - Slackchat

I'm in Jordan and am looking for places to slack. Any suggestions?

Zahrra J. - 7 Janvier 2016 · Amman, Jordanie - Slackchat
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