Highline in Belgium is now allowed under conditions (more info coming soon). Slackline in parks is allowed if you strictly follow government guidelines.Be very careful where you install your line in the parks as walkers/bycicles traffic is higher than usual. Contact us for any questions. See also BeSlack official recommandations and ISA website.


  • Fix map access on user profile page.


  • new options (beta): My Trip, My Bookmarks, My FriendsRead more
  • better display of your profile pictures and the locations illustrations.
  • better display of the Videos on the  profile page 
  • Auto gelolocation ("Where are you?" box) should work better now (maybe still an issue for England). Let us know.
  • You can now add multiple associations/groups on your profile page.
  • You can now add multiple sponsors on your profile page.
  • It's now easier to share your profile page or a location (see sharing button at bottom page)
  • login/register with social auth (FB, Google, Twitter, Github) optimized. 
  • new comment system setup.
  • you can now resize the maps by drag'n' drop the  grey border-bottom (on desktop only).


  • release v2.


  • release v1.


see also the list of known issues

70 spots.
118 slackliners
(61 on map)