Known bugs and issues

Somes options are not working !?

We are aware of some usuability issues and are working to fix them :


  • the location box (top page) is not always working ("city, country" is usually working. "city" only not always).
  • Postal Code as position is not working.


  • profile pictures need a cropping option.
  • you can only list one association in your profile.
  • there is no real field for 'my slackline diary' (use the main description instead)
  • Instagram field is missing.
  • the current slackliner profile page is not very friendly (new template coming)


  • the "Authorization" filter is partially working.
  • only Editors can modify the Association pages (send us a request or the text you want).


see also the changelog page



82 spots.
210 slackliners
(137 on map)