Known bugs and issues

 Highline in Belgium is now allowed under conditions (more info coming soon). Slackline in parks is allowed if you strictly follow government guidelines.Be very careful where you install your line in the parks as walkers/bycicles traffic is higher than usual. Contact us for any questions. See also BeSlack official recommandations and ISA website.
Somes options are not working !?

We are aware of some usuability issues and are working to fix them :


  • the location box (top page) is not always working ("city, country" is usually working. "city" only not always).
  • Postal Code as position is not working.


  • profile pictures need a cropping option.
  • you can only list one association in your profile.
  • there is no real field for 'my slackline diary' (use the main description instead)
  • Instagram field is missing.
  • the current slackliner profile page is not very friendly (new template coming)


  • the "Authorization" filter is partially working.
  • only Editors can modify the Association pages (send us a request or the text you want).


see also the changelog page



70 spots.
118 slackliners
(61 on map)