Highline in Belgium is allowed under covid conditions. Slackline in parks is allowed if you follow official guidelines. Be careful where you install your line in the parks (walkers/bycicles traffic is higher than usual). Contact us for any questions.

Feel free to contact us

Please drop us a quick comment below Eg of feedback we are looking for:

- Is the registration easy? not too long? clear enough?
- is the geolocation (box where are you now?) working for you? 
- what fields/option do you you want to see on your profile page?
- is it easy to add a location?
- you find a bug or a see weird behavior? 
- what is missing on Slacktoday to convince you and the slackliners commmunity of the interest of a such project?


70 spots.
118 slackliners
(61 on map)