Highline in Belgium is now allowed under conditions (more info coming soon). Slackline in parks is allowed if you strictly follow government guidelines.Be very careful where you install your line in the parks as walkers/bycicles traffic is higher than usual. Contact us for any questions. See also BeSlack official recommandations and ISA website.

Feel free to contact us

Please drop us a quick comment below Eg of feedback we are looking for:

- Is the registration easy? not too long? clear enough?
- is the geolocation (box where are you now?) working for you? 
- what fields/option do you you want to see on your profile page?
- is it easy to add a location?
- you find a bug or a see weird behavior? 
- what is missing on Slacktoday to convince you and the slackliners commmunity of the interest of a such project?


70 spots.
118 slackliners
(61 on map)