Slacktoday is a free service open to everyone. The code is open-source as well. We will never share or sell the slackliners database.  The project exists to help the Slackliners community. Nothing more.

Your privacy is very important to us and we are happy to give you full control on it. You can edit or even delete your account and data at any time.  In case of account deletion the locations you have added become the property of the community. This means that if you delete you account, your contributions (spots) become "anonymous" and every members can still view or edit these spots. However you can contact us if you really want to fully delete a location from the database.

Your account, your slackline profile and any personnal data provided are yours.


We are compliant. We don't share your data (and never will) and you have full control on it.

- login to review or edit your data.
- login if you want to cancel your account (and remove all your personnal data)
- contact us for any trouble.

Your email is fully private. No one else can see it.

The webisite uses a secure connection (https).  It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.


The website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. A cookie is nothing more than a small text file stored in your computer. They are usually unreadable by human. 

On Slacktoday we use cookies to avoid you repeating actions and to preload/filter the data based on your preferences (as you are probably not interested to see slackliners and locations to far from your position). 

We use cookies :

- to remember your filters preference on the maps (eg: I want to see Waterline only)
- to check if your browser uses Javascript or not (some effects and filters depends of this mystic codes)
- to check if you are authenticated user.
. to remember the position you have defined (avoid you to refill your location at every visit)

You can see the cookies details on the info settings on your favorite browser.

Contact us for any question. 

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205 slackliners
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