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Boulevard du Centenaire
1000 Brussels
you can add positive tags (eg solid anchors.. whatever but don't be too long here.)
you can also add negative tags
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This is a spot example. All fields have been filled to show your the options available. Here you can add a custom description with text formatting.

Line details

you can add any important information to practice safely on the "Remarks" field.

- Possimus deserunt nisi perferendis,
- 3x6m
- icta dolor itaque sunt laborum, magni qui optio illum dolore laudantium similique harum.

Describe the linking.
- Possimus deserunt nisi perferendis,
- consequuntur odio et aperiam,

Describe the anchors.
- Possimus deserunt nisi perferendis,
- consequuntur odio et aperiam,

Line credits

December 2015
you can add a custom credit text to display some background of the opening or the first crossing. For examle you can add the name of the people of help but are still not registered on slacktoday.

You can add helpful information to quickly locate the spot.

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